One-Use Pill Cooker

One-Use Pill Cooker is a cooker that has been designed specifically for cooking pills.
Crushing pills, while not recommended is a common practice and is fraught with difficulties for the User.


One-Use Pill Cooker consists of a large clean spoon that is large enough and strong enough to act as a container on which pills can be crushed.  The crushed pill can then be cooked up and mixed in the same cooker, without the need for additional handling and increasing the risk of bacterial contamination.

Once the User is satisfied that the pill has been sufficiently crushed the filter can be used for filtering the micro-particulate material from the liquid prior to injection.  This helps to reduce vein damage.

The One-Use Pill Cooker is supplied with a dry, sterile post-injection swab to help stop bleeding.

All of the components are included in a single pack for convenience.

One-Use Pill Cooker