New Research on Fentanyl Test Strips Released

Results from the FORECAST (Fentanyl Overdose Reduction Checking Analysis Study) Study by researchers at the esteemed John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Brown University, have just reported that Fentanyl Test Strips can be an effective #Harmreduction tool. When compared with the ‘Gold Standard’ Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry laboratory techniques, the test strips proved to be as good if not better than detecting trace quantities of #Fentanyl.

While not originally manufactured for this purpose, the strips proved very effective in detecting the lethal contaminant in street drugs and is proving to be a useful tool to help save lives.

In another phase of this research where subjects were questioned about their attitude to testing of drugs, over 89% of respondants claimed that they would be in favour of having their drugs checked prior to injection. 70% of the same group of respondants also claimed that they would change their behaviour if they knew that Fentanyl was present.

However, researchers warned that the test strips do not test for all forms of Fentanyl as suppliers are constantly modifying the chemical format of the drug to avoid detection.

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