One-Use Pill Cooker: A New Sterile Cooker Specifically for Pills

One-Use Harm Reduction Supplies is proud to announce the launch of the new One-Use Pill Cooker® for injectable drug users (IDU) who require to cook up pills.  Pills usually consist of binders and fillers to carry a small amount of active ingredient.  These binders/fillers are usually sugars, lactose, xantham gums are resin.  When crushed, they tend to shatter into large and tiny particles that do not all dissolve when heated.

One-Use Pill Cooker has been designed to reduce the negative impact of hard microscopic particles on veins of IDUs who use pills.  The disc filter is a high-performance filter that has a universal syringe attachment that allows it to attach to most commercially available syringe barrels.  The filter has been proven to reduce particles as small as 0.22µm in diameter.  In addition, no residues are left on the filter unlike paper or cotton filters.

Provided in a convenient pack in association with the One-Use Spoon cooker, the One-Use Pill Cooker is a powerful tool for harm reduction programs to help minimize the physical damage to veins while re-enforcing the Harm Reduction message with the One-Use Spoon.

Michael Considine, Director at One-Use Harm Reduction Supplies stated that the “One-Use Pill Cooker is a convenient way to provide IDUs with a high-performance filter with an easy to use cooker where pills are required to be cooked.  This new product was developed following feedback from a number of Outreach workers and from examining the trends in drug availability and presentation.”

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