A New Cooker for Harm Reduction Programmes

One-Use Harm Reduction Supplies is proud to announce the launch of the new On-Use Spoon® for injectable drug users (IDU) who are participating in Harm Reduction and Needle Exchange programmes. One-Use Spoon® is a cooker that has been designed to address the practical problems highlighted by IDUs when ‘cooking up’.

Made from steel, the One-Use Spoon is sturdy and does not bend when heated. Its low conductivity also means that is does not transmit heat through the handle thus avoiding burning of the fingers during cooking and negating the requirement for additional plastic handles. Unlike aluminium cookers, the One-Use Spoon does not release any harmful leachates when heated.

Michael Considine, Director at One-Use Harm Reduction Supplies stated that the “One-Use Spoon was developed following feedback received from Harm Reduction professionals in a number of countries. This product addresses many of the significant concerns of IDUs thereby assisting them adhere to Harm Reduction principles”.

To re-inforce this point, the One-Use Spoon is one of the only cookers available today with a Harm Reduction message printed clearly on the outer surface.

If you have any further queries on One-Use Spoon, please feel free to visit our website at www.one-use.com or email info@one-use.com.