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One-Use® Harm Reduction Products is a new and innovative range of products and materials to prevent the spread of infectious disease among People Who Use Drugs (PWUD).

Designed for easy use, the One-Use® range has been designed in association with addiction treatment professionals in a number of countries.

One-Use® products are designed for ease of use and take consideration of the User.

One-Use® products are an integral part of Needle Exchange and Harm Reduction programs around the world.

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One-Use® Spoon does not bend
when heated. No plastic holder
required. Sturdy construction
which does not spill it's contents


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US States Employ the Netflix Model for Reducing Costs of Hep C Drugs   Yes, there is a strong intention to “fix” the problem of sourcing over-expensive Hepatitis C drugs.  The great intentions of State leaders to eradicate the dise...
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One-Use Harm Reduction Products Attending Stimulus 2018

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New Research on Fentanyl Test Strips Released

Results from the FORECAST (Fentanyl Overdose Reduction Checking Analysis Study) Study by researchers at the esteemed John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Brown University, have just reported that Fentanyl Test Strips can be an effective #Harmreduction...
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